Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Promoting Beauty In All!

Yesterday my TMOOH t-shirt arrived in the mail! I squealed and then proceeded into a little happy dance in front of the mailboxes. Was super excited to see it and after ripping the package open, there was even a little handwritten note of thanks from Brett Clouser. (tee hee)

I will start with the basics - the t-shirt is awesome. It's made with mostly bamboo, aka it is incredibly soft and comfortable. The color - super!

Now the depth - promoting beauty. I absolutely love the concept and message being sent through the TMOOH brand. For those of you who know me, you probably have realized my love for graphic tees, especially the ones mentioning love or peace or something to that effect. Now I have another fantastic find to add to the collection (and hopefully will get more down the road!) TMOOH - you need to get your hoodies in stock for us Canadians!

Anyways, I just had to indulge in sharing my excitement. Here are a few snaps of yours truly wearing said t-shirt. And remember, YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL <3

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Courtney said...

Ashley this is great. Thanks for all the pictures.