Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Strange Dreams

Typing is proving to be difficult.

I accidentally sliced the tip of my finger with a large bread knife last night and the large, awkward bandaid at the tip of my index finger will be annoying throughout the day. Work shall be fun...

Anyways, I just wanted to take note of the bizarre dream I had last night. At one point, my friend and coworker (random) got into the elevator at work and were going up. When the elevator passed our floor without stopping, we kind of looked at each other and then the elevator started inclining faster and faster and we started getting worried. Suddenly it was nearing the top floor and had no intention of stopping, then it burst through the roof of the building and the next thing I know, we're upside down, plummeting back down. We weren't terribly hurt, I think the cables of the elevator (somehow...) stopped us (upside down.. again, somehow...) before we crashed to the ground. Almost like a bungee jump cord..

The next part of the dream, I was at a concert. And Kurt Cobain was there, only he wasn't singing for Nirvana, he was singing for Nine Inch Nails. And his real name was actually Keaton Kan. And when he came down to the stage, on a rope dropping from the roof (and the stage was a boxing ring...) he was in a yellow polka dot dress. Yes...

What does it all mean? Who knows... I'm trying to think what I took before I went to sleep, but I didn't take anything...

I'll wait to see what tonight's unconscious thoughts bring.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas Thoughts

Well, Christmas has come and gone. It always passes so quickly and next it will be New Year's followed by the apprehension of what 2010 will bring. I'm planning on making 2010 an awesome year, seeing as 2009 was pretty much a busy with everything that had happened (economy, H1N1, people passing away -in my family at least-). Speaking of which, I found out yesterday my uncle passed away (my dad's brother). I wasn't overly close with him, in fact most of us haven't seen him in about a year. Though this is the part of the family who lost their mom and dad (my granny and grampa) within 3 days of each other only a year and a half ago. This had rocked everyone very hard, even after all this time I am still recuperating from it. And now my uncle has passed away amongst the holiday, so my thoughts are out to my family and I am hoping everyone will pull through ok. The cause of his death is unknown at the moment, but from what I have gathered is people are thinking it was either a heart attack or that it was self inflicted. For my family's sake, I am hoping it is the first as the latter may pain family members even more so. I think there is a lot of guilt in peoples' minds and hearts during this time, so my prayers and thoughts are with them.

On lighter, more happier notes, I had a fairly good Christmas. It is always good to go back home and see everyone. This year I got to see family members whom I haven't seen in ages (My, how people grow up. I used to babysit a lot of them and know they're all taller than I am...). I received some very exciting gifts (new digital camera from my bf, large bookshelf from my parents - which I desperately need, an amazing book on the Canadian Writer's Market from my brother) and many other amazing prezzies.

2010 is creeping up and I have a few things I am hoping to do or accomplish in the coming year. I don't really believe in 'New Year's Resolutions', mainly because it sets the bar so high and then you feel bad when you don't do them. I would rather 'hope' to do things and if I actually do them, well then I will be happy. So what's in store for Ashley in 2010? A few of the things on my 'goal list' include perhaps APPLYING for school courses (writing and French), cooking more seeing as I haven't been doing a lot of it in the past couple months due to being busy and I love to cook (I guess trying new and crazy recipes will be included in this), sewing more, being more self disciplined with focusing on writing and pushing myself more like I did during NaNo in November (what an eye opener and confidence build that was!) and also spending more time with friends. There's probably a few more entailed in there, but that's a taste for now.

I wish everyone a fantastic New Year's (and New Year's Eve!) and remember again, to be safe and don't drink and drive.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xmas Eve & Amazing People

It's Christmas Eve already. Am I the only one who still doesn't think it TRULY feels like Christmas yet?? I have a feeling it will once the 3 hour drive I have to make this afternoon is over and I'm back home.

This will be the first time that my brother won't be waking up with us back home on Christmas day. It's sad, and will be weird, but I guess now that he has a serious girlfriend he is entitled to spend Christmas morning at her house (they'd better be at our parent's next year!), so I have to get used to it. I remember when we were younger, we weren't allowed to be up before 7am xmas morning, but (obviously) being too excited we would be up at like 4am watching the clock. My brother would always tip toe out to the living room to check out the stash and then come back to my room to report to me on the sight of the presents under the tree. Don't get me wrong, he (and his gf) will be there in the afternoon sometime, but it will still be strange not having him there to open presents.

I'm excited to go home, I haven't been back since Thanksgiving (which technically, for me, isn't that long between home visits - sometimes it will be like 6 months before we make the trek to the country).

Switching to an entirely different topic, I feel the need to mention my dear Twitter friend (@krystalarson) as I have just finished catching up on her blog - http://krystaslittleworld.blogspot.com/
This girl is amazing and I admire her so much even after only knowing her for a few months or so (has it been that long already?!) She recently got accepted into her dream job and has moved to Dubai a couple weeks ago in order to make it happen. She went through the amazing ordeal of leaving her family and amazing boyfriend to MOVE to Dubai in order to achieve her life long dream. She is an amazing woman - determined, motivated, strong, charismatic - And someone anyone could look up to and think, I can pursue my dreams, it IS possible to achieve the things you want most out of life. I'm so unbelievably proud of her. Her intense fear of needles hasn't even stopped her (hello multiple blood tests) - this alone I'm incredibly proud of her for. I'm so excited for her and her adventures now, and I really hope she continues with informing us of them on her blog. I'm rooting for you girl (represent Canadians!). I know being Christmas Eve you are probably insanely homesick right now (I can't even imagine), but all I can say is to enjoy it and spend it with your new found friends (I'm sure they are homesick too!). And hang in there tiger, keep remembering what spectacular adventures you will be embarking upon and how proud your family and everyone back home is! I wish you the very best friend!

Well, I'll see you all after Christmas and I hope everyone has a great holiday! Stay safe and never drink and drive.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Cheer & Great Designs

Ahh tis the season to be jolly, no?

Yesterday I went forward with phase 4 of Ash's Christmas Cheer and bought some toys for underprivileged children. It's sort of amazing to think that you're going to make some kids feel so special just for giving them a toy on Christmas. Not a lot of kids grew up (or are growing up) like many of you and I, and just the thought of spending a few dollars that would equal a dinner one evening or that t-shirt we had to buy, yet never wear, to buy toys that could mean the world to one child... It makes me feel amazing and I found I was even being tedious with what I was purchasing. My boyfriend standing beside me going "Why does it matter, it's just a toy..?" And my reply, well I don't want it to be some stupid toy that no kid would want. I wanted it to be something cool, something flashy (what are the kids into nowadays anyways!? We didn't have this much selection when we were kids, that's for sure. I had ninja turtles, and back then there were only 4 to pick from.. That or Lego..). So I picked a few out that looked pretty awesome (Hey, I almost kept one for myself..). I hope whoever receives it likes it and puts a smile on their face. Even if it's just for a day, I would be glad to know that something, no matter how little it is, made someone feel good about themselves.

On another note, for any of you who have been watching Survivor: Samoa, you must obviously know Brett Clouser (Side Note: I totally have a 12 yr old crush on this guy. *sigh*...). Following him Twitter (@TMOOH) and for you die hard Survivor fans, you will know that he has his own clothing design website called The Monument of Our Hearts. These clothes have an AMAZING purpose, sending the message of healthy body image. Their purpose is to show that everyone is beautiful and to promote healthy self-image in everyone. They are also environmentally conscious, producing their products domestically and they are partnered up with non-profit organizations. All around, great clothing with a great message. I just ordered my very first t-shirt (the Cubism) and if you act now through Sunday, you can get 10% off by using the code word `galu`at checkout. Strongly urge anyone to visit his website and check it out :) http://www.tmooh.com/

Picture will be posted of me and my new styling, healthy body image producing digs when it arrives ;)

Until next time!
(9 days until Christmas! Get yer shopping done!)


Monday, December 14, 2009

A's Christmas Cheer

In good, Christmas-esque news, I have completed Stage 3 of Ash's Christmas Cheer. Tonight I have made my donation to the Edmonton Humane Society (though, I do this periodically throughout the year anyways). The EHS runs largely on donations and contributions, so I cheerfully and strongly urge anyone to donate to them. Every little bit helps :)

In writing news, I've come up with.. *cough* another new idea. I really have to stop this... Though, to be fair, the last 'great' idea I had has now been pawned off (well, not really) to be the next story my bff and I will write together. Sadly, the X-Isle series will soon be coming to an end and after we at least get SOME of the editing/revising done on all three parts, we will start up another. Hurray!
I do want to go back and fix up my NaNo as I sort of left it hanging RIGHT at the start of the climax. And I do need to change a bit that I left off, and would like to finish the actual story before I start something new. *sigh* I'm terrible at ending stories. Terrible. I always start up something new before I get the chance to think about even touching the ending.

Well, that's about it for now. Didn't really have a point to this one :D


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Playing Catch up

Egads, it's been a while. Time to play catch up (briefly) and talk about some Christmas-y things!

NaNoWriMo 2009 - I did it! As you can see on my blog, I am a winner of NaNo '09 and I don't care what anyone says, I'm gosh darn proud of myself. I was getting a little worried there in the last week before departing for Dominican, but alas, on November 24th I typed like mad and managed to upload just over 50k on the morning of the 25th. The story itself isn't over, I still have about 15k-ish to go, but I will continue working with it and see what I come out with :)

Punta Cana '09 - I went, I sunned, I drank, I loved it and then I came back. Dominican IS gorgeous and to make a loooong, amazing vacationing story short, it was awesome. Great weather, great people and a great time. Then I came back to a blizzard and -20. Go Alberta. Here's a taste of where I was:

In other news, Christmas is quickly approaching. Yikes. I look back and I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! I think 2009 has been a rough year for many of us out there, but my thoughts are - lets make 2010 a gooder!

In the spirit of Christmas, I have been indulging and started something I like to call 'Ash's Christmas Cheer'. Earlier this week at my work, there were these guys working in the back alley of our office building and it was FREEZING out. I think it was -35 that day with the windchill, so needless to say when I saw them I felt kind of bad. I know, I know, these guys work outside doing what they do all the time and know how to dress for it, but still! Anyone working out there has to be chilled to the bone. So on my next break, a colleague came with me to brave the cold and walked to Tim Horton's, buying 6 large coffees (none for us) and struggled back to hand them off to the men working hard in the back alley. They were very surprised and thankful, which in return gave me warm fuzzies for my good deed. It's a feeling I like to have and one that makes braving the cold so worth it. One minute for a good deed = a lifetime of remembering it and giving someone a smile to cheer their day.

Stage 2 of Ashley's Christmas Cheer - I bought Christmas cards and bought scratch tickets to go inside for the other apartments on my floor (10 in total) and my 2 landlords. I haven't handed them out yet, but will this week and hopefully someone will scratch themselves a few bucks, and even if no one does, hopefully the thought put a smile on someone's face.

Stage 3 - It's something I do regularly, but will be donating to Edmonton Humane Society. I strongly support them and urge anyone to donate a couple dollars, their time, or even an item of need to them this holiday season. It's amazing how much those employees do and did you know that it costs $4.2 million dollars to run the Edmonton Humane Shelter every year! Of that amount, almost 40% comes from donations from the public.

Anywho, must stop the post for now or I could ramble on forever. I shouldn't wait this long before blogging again..

Happy Holidays to all and remember to be (and drive!) safe this holiday season.

Spreading her Christmas cheer one person at a time,