Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas Thoughts

Well, Christmas has come and gone. It always passes so quickly and next it will be New Year's followed by the apprehension of what 2010 will bring. I'm planning on making 2010 an awesome year, seeing as 2009 was pretty much a busy with everything that had happened (economy, H1N1, people passing away -in my family at least-). Speaking of which, I found out yesterday my uncle passed away (my dad's brother). I wasn't overly close with him, in fact most of us haven't seen him in about a year. Though this is the part of the family who lost their mom and dad (my granny and grampa) within 3 days of each other only a year and a half ago. This had rocked everyone very hard, even after all this time I am still recuperating from it. And now my uncle has passed away amongst the holiday, so my thoughts are out to my family and I am hoping everyone will pull through ok. The cause of his death is unknown at the moment, but from what I have gathered is people are thinking it was either a heart attack or that it was self inflicted. For my family's sake, I am hoping it is the first as the latter may pain family members even more so. I think there is a lot of guilt in peoples' minds and hearts during this time, so my prayers and thoughts are with them.

On lighter, more happier notes, I had a fairly good Christmas. It is always good to go back home and see everyone. This year I got to see family members whom I haven't seen in ages (My, how people grow up. I used to babysit a lot of them and know they're all taller than I am...). I received some very exciting gifts (new digital camera from my bf, large bookshelf from my parents - which I desperately need, an amazing book on the Canadian Writer's Market from my brother) and many other amazing prezzies.

2010 is creeping up and I have a few things I am hoping to do or accomplish in the coming year. I don't really believe in 'New Year's Resolutions', mainly because it sets the bar so high and then you feel bad when you don't do them. I would rather 'hope' to do things and if I actually do them, well then I will be happy. So what's in store for Ashley in 2010? A few of the things on my 'goal list' include perhaps APPLYING for school courses (writing and French), cooking more seeing as I haven't been doing a lot of it in the past couple months due to being busy and I love to cook (I guess trying new and crazy recipes will be included in this), sewing more, being more self disciplined with focusing on writing and pushing myself more like I did during NaNo in November (what an eye opener and confidence build that was!) and also spending more time with friends. There's probably a few more entailed in there, but that's a taste for now.

I wish everyone a fantastic New Year's (and New Year's Eve!) and remember again, to be safe and don't drink and drive.


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