Monday, December 14, 2009

A's Christmas Cheer

In good, Christmas-esque news, I have completed Stage 3 of Ash's Christmas Cheer. Tonight I have made my donation to the Edmonton Humane Society (though, I do this periodically throughout the year anyways). The EHS runs largely on donations and contributions, so I cheerfully and strongly urge anyone to donate to them. Every little bit helps :)

In writing news, I've come up with.. *cough* another new idea. I really have to stop this... Though, to be fair, the last 'great' idea I had has now been pawned off (well, not really) to be the next story my bff and I will write together. Sadly, the X-Isle series will soon be coming to an end and after we at least get SOME of the editing/revising done on all three parts, we will start up another. Hurray!
I do want to go back and fix up my NaNo as I sort of left it hanging RIGHT at the start of the climax. And I do need to change a bit that I left off, and would like to finish the actual story before I start something new. *sigh* I'm terrible at ending stories. Terrible. I always start up something new before I get the chance to think about even touching the ending.

Well, that's about it for now. Didn't really have a point to this one :D


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