Friday, February 5, 2010

New Glasses

Originally this post was going to be a rant/vent about my hellish life this week, but on a whim I decided to change that and post about something more mediocre. My new glasses came in the other day, hurray! Had my eyes checked a couple weeks ago (my prescription was in dire need of updating) and lo and behold, I can SEE!! Well, I could before, but now I can actually read non fuzzy signs and I can see the tv guide without squinting at the tv.

I ordered 3 pairs, and again Zenni was great, however you have to expect some flaws when ordering glasses online.
1)I ordered the EXACT pair I wear most of the time (hey for 14$, it's cheaper to just order a brand new pair than to get new lenses put in!). I was a little disappointed because the first time I ordered them, they were perfect, but this time they are slightly bent. But this should be an easy fix, any eyeglasses place (Lenscrafters, Total Focus, etc) SHOULD bend them back in minutes, no problem. So I wasn't too choked up about that.
2)My new ones which aren't as nerdy as I thought they'd be, but they're kind of cute. Blue/black multicolored kinda sorta thing going on. Semi 80s, Semi nerdy. I like them. They fit super too.
3) My UBER nerdy ones (which, by the way, I am highly restricted on Zenni due to my apparent "too small pupil measurements". Ugh. I can't get half of the glasses I want because of this :( ) Anyways, my super nerdy ones are "ok". They look slightly funny on me as the frame itself seems to be too narrow on my face, like the glasses should be bigger (nerdier! Nerdier, I say!) Which I was a little disappointed in, but that's the risk of Zenni! And for 8$, who cares?

Still highly recommend Zenni! Now for some shits and giggles.


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