Friday, February 5, 2010

New Glasses

Originally this post was going to be a rant/vent about my hellish life this week, but on a whim I decided to change that and post about something more mediocre. My new glasses came in the other day, hurray! Had my eyes checked a couple weeks ago (my prescription was in dire need of updating) and lo and behold, I can SEE!! Well, I could before, but now I can actually read non fuzzy signs and I can see the tv guide without squinting at the tv.

I ordered 3 pairs, and again Zenni was great, however you have to expect some flaws when ordering glasses online.
1)I ordered the EXACT pair I wear most of the time (hey for 14$, it's cheaper to just order a brand new pair than to get new lenses put in!). I was a little disappointed because the first time I ordered them, they were perfect, but this time they are slightly bent. But this should be an easy fix, any eyeglasses place (Lenscrafters, Total Focus, etc) SHOULD bend them back in minutes, no problem. So I wasn't too choked up about that.
2)My new ones which aren't as nerdy as I thought they'd be, but they're kind of cute. Blue/black multicolored kinda sorta thing going on. Semi 80s, Semi nerdy. I like them. They fit super too.
3) My UBER nerdy ones (which, by the way, I am highly restricted on Zenni due to my apparent "too small pupil measurements". Ugh. I can't get half of the glasses I want because of this :( ) Anyways, my super nerdy ones are "ok". They look slightly funny on me as the frame itself seems to be too narrow on my face, like the glasses should be bigger (nerdier! Nerdier, I say!) Which I was a little disappointed in, but that's the risk of Zenni! And for 8$, who cares?

Still highly recommend Zenni! Now for some shits and giggles.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twitter! It's a wonderful thing...

So, seeing as I haven't written a post in a while, I figured I'd better get at least SOMETHING down. This one is mentioning a few amazing people I have come to know via Twitter. What a crazy world that Twitter is, yet amazing all the same. I'm going to give a few mentions of a couple pretty awesome folk who I adore and have "met" through Twitter. If you're on Twitter, you should follow them. End of story.

Let's start with @stygldpnyby - This wickedly amazing lady, I actually work with her. I'm pretty sure besides a nod or 'hello' at work, we mainly started talking because someone stumbled upon the other on Twitter (probably me, I'm such a creeper) and was all, Hey, I know you! And then the madness started. She's fantasmically awesome and a great lady to boot. The scary thing is that she is a lot like me. So if you like me, you will like her. Pretty much. I think we have decided that we were a highly frowned upon lesbian couple in the early 1600s in a past life. Tis why we are so awesome and alike. It's not every day you can find someone (of the same gender!) that you can relate to so well and have such a quick, mutual connection. What a great friend!

Now to @grempel - If you ever want to be set up for a wicked 'that's what she said', he's your man. And I have abused this multiple times. I honestly don't remember how we started "twittering" one another (that's what she said!) - I think someone (a mutual "Twitterer") asked me if I knew this guy or if I was related to him because we have the same last name and we're both awesome. I'm like pff, I have no friggen clue who this dude is, but me being the creeper, followed him anyways. Turns out he is pretty rad and now it's no coincidence that we share the same last name, because clearly Rempels are just awesome. We have a mean caffeine addiction, a witty and wild sense of humor, and great music taste. Surprisingly enough, I doubt we ARE related (maybe SOMEWHERE down the line..), but the last name proves this dude is my 'twitter brother'. He's a pretty cool cat.

One of my recent favorites - @MauStCha (actually much thanks to @grempel for hooking this one up) - this lady is a TIGER. Just kidding, but she IS ferociously funny, witty, catty when she wants to be.. This list can just carry on. One who I had QUICKLY become impressed with, in awe of, and just glad to have "met" her because she is so awesome. Novel-sized emails aside, (which I TOLD YOU I LOVE), she is a talented writer (shut up, I know you are!) and a great muse of fabulous information in the writing/publishing world and someone who I am forever going to be learning things from. Just in these past couple weeks of knowing her, I have already learned so much and love her to death for her quirky personality and great words of wisdom, or just her witty sense of humor. I'm super proud of this one ;)

Well 3 is all I can do for now. My hunger is rising and all I can now think about is some peanut butter and toast. I hope this will tide y'all over until the next one ;)

Keep smilin'!