Wednesday, October 14, 2009

National Novel Writing Month

Break out your pencils and grease up your typing fingers, y'all. November is National Novel Writing Month! It's a world wide group that any writer can join in hopes to complete a 50,000 word goal in just thirty days. I JUST found out about this literally like yesterday. Now I'm thinking it might be kind of fun to sign up for it and see if I can make it. It's kind of exciting, kind of nerve-wracking, but I'm debating if I should test my skills (and will power, procrastination, focus, imagination, etc, etc) all with a tight deadline.

Plus, I leave for Dominican on Nov 26, so I would get shorted 5 days... Not fair! lol. I worry that I won't be able to make 50,000 words, but then I think, 'Well, it's not like you'll get yelled at if you don't!'. This is all about having fun, motivation and seeing how far you can go. Everyone should get a huge pat on the back for just trying!

Ok, so maybe I'll give it a whirl. As long as I think of an idea... Hmmm... So many possibilities.

For anyone who wants to check it out, go to:

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