Monday, August 10, 2009

Rod f'ing Stewart!

I'm going to his concert tonight. I've loved this guy since I can remember, back in the day when I'd listen to my dad's casette tapes (that plus the Eagles, Black Crowes, Creedence Clearwater...).

And tonight, I get to see ROD STEWART LIVE. I'm so excited, have had these tickets since like March (Oh August, how you've snuck up on us all...) People at work have been making fun of me for how excited I've been for this day, but honestly I don't care! I know I'll be surrounded by many horny 50-somethings, but I'm ok with it. I'll be screaming louder than any of them!

Now I just need to find some leopard spandex and I'm good to go.

Hope to post at least 1 picture from tonight... Haven't blogged a pic yet, but should be easy to figure out. I haven't been to a concert since The Killers were in town in April, but that was an AMAZING concert, they're really good live. Got my stamp of approval.

So tonight, Rod Stewart, and perhaps I will be able to smuggle an ACDC ticket from someone before the 26th.

Man, this year has been great for concerts. I only wish I had more $$$.

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