Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rod Stewart and other ramblings...

So I went to the Rod Stewart concert the other night and it was AMAZING. Probably one of the best concerts I've ever been to. I was happy to see that he's still got the moves (despite his 61 yrs of age) and that he can still get women to toss their knickers on stage (Yes, some 50-something woman threw her panties up there). It was funny. But, gotta say, if I had been closer to the stage I probably would have too.

Hmm, what else to go on about. I can't believe it's August 12. Seriously. It feels like just yesterday we were barely scraping out of winter and now it's going to be fall before we know it (I recently saw Halloween candy splayed all over Save On Foods the other day- I almost barfed). This year has flown by, and upon reflection... This has been one crazy year for me. Too much stuff has happened, yet it feels like nothing has happened at all. Ever feel that way? Sometimes I think that I want to do something spectacular. I'm still working on getting a book published (I'm trying, I'm trying), and yesterday I found myself with a thought that I've never had before. And that thought was an honest wonder in my mind, 'maybe I should fly to Europe or Australia for a few months, just to get away.'
Ever feel like that? I've never thought about something like this before, I actually kind of scared myself a little. Something crazy happened to me about a year ago and I've found myself with powerful anxiety, especially if I have to do/go somewhere by myself. Like panic attacks. So for me to think 'hey, I wonder what it would be like to go across the world -by myself- for a few months'. It's just nuts. I think it really shows that I need to get away. I have too much going on in my head and sometimes I just think I need to get away by myself for a while to sort things out.

Sigh, maybe some day.

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