Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaNo p4 - The Day After

Ahh I am taking a break from writing to do... more writing. Hello blog!

Let's back track a good 21 hours... It's almost midnight, I just finished watching a marathon of True Blood season 2 (saved the finale for tonight!)and I sit down to start up my NaNo story. It's weird - I knew what my first sentence was going to be word for word, so I got that out first, then the rest kept coming out. My goal was to get maybe a page out or so (I was exhausted), but before I knew it it was almost 2am and I reached the 1,677 word count. Hurray! To bed I went, a happy girl.

Today I woke up, did the lazy Sunday morning thing while adjusting to the time change - coffee, tv, breakfast. And off I went for more NaNo time.

My story is going pretty well so far (knock on wood), I think I got a good kick off for a start. I've tried not to say too much about my plot "idea" in fear of jinxing it (especially before I even started), except my bff - she is my muse and is going to help me brainstorm when the time is needed (I <3 her). I will say this - it starts out with a bang (well, more literally a murder). It was funny - last night as I was starting it off, Cape Fear was playing in the background on my tv (I like to have background noise when I write, else I go crazy), and it was a perfect ominous mood setting to kick off my NaNo.

So right now I lay at 3,225 words. I think that's pretty good (or is it? NaNo virgin here...) My "goal" was to have around 5k words by the end of today. I still have a bit of time left, but had a few things to do this evening. Now it's almost 9pm and I'm crying over the fact that tomorrow is Monday *tear* Hopefully I'll get a bit more write time in tonight, but if not - tomorrow is another day!

So now I'm going to settle in and see if I can spit any more out before sleepy time. Night all, and Happy November!


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i-heart-zombie said...

impressive. i've never tried NaNo either, but it sounds awesome. i'm far to busy to start something new so i'll keep whatever in my head for what i'm writing now. good luck on your 50K goal!

if you're stuck, introduce a shepherd, sheep and a lonely night, that should get you a good 15k word count :P jk