Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hang in there baby!

Day 1.
Current Mood: Lethargic.
Sounds: Humidifier blasting away, Law & Order SVU, type, type, type

The whole being laid off thing is still sinking in. I'd say today consisted mostly of frustration and aggravation, apparently our Sunlife benefits are all 'effed' with a few people (that I know of). Spent the morning helping out my Lizzie Bear, drinking coffee, trying to deal with my RRSPs through Sunlife and back and forth between them and HR, and my mumsy.

So our benefits only last for 2 weeks - I was worried as I had a dentist appointment at the end of April for a cleaning and a filling, which will require novocaine and my dentist is insanely busy and hard to book (have to call about a month in advance at least). My plan was to call him today to see if there was ANY way I could reschedule, as my benefits wouldn't cover me any longer. Lo and behold, dentist beat me to the punch and called ME this morning advising they had an opening for tomorrow if I would like. Um, YES please. So in that sense, my luck was looking up. On the other hand, I have to get all of my wisdom teeth pulled in the next couple months, will require me being put under, and I will have no health benefits. Great. Just... Great.
Day consisted of the above, along with two loads of laundry, two loads of dishes, cleaning, fixing BlackBerry, etc, etc, etc.

Tomorrow at least I'll be heading to the dentist, getting all frozen and stuff, seeing mumsy, completing tax forms and... at least most of my day will be busy. I've also decided I will apply for EI, just in case, though I'm pretty sure you have to be unemployed for at least a week to apply.

Will keep y'all updated on my 'adventures' and what not. Hopefully next post will be completely off topic of the 'situation' (totally just thought of Jersey Shore, barf) and snazzy and upbeat. Any suggestions, requests for next post? I'm open to any ideas!

Over and out.


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Courtney Reese said...

You are my hero! You love Criminal Minds AND SVU?!

Sorry about the insurance troubles. I know it sucks ;(