Thursday, April 15, 2010

Twitterview #3 - @RockstarJodie

Hello everyone - it's time for my next Twitterview, and my Victim #3 is a superb lady who I've come to adore. She's sweet, sexy, and LOVES Rockstars (the energy drink). Hence her name...


 (Side note: Sorry I had to cut your cleavage-endowed boobs from the pic dear friend, but it wouldn't have fit on the laptop screen if I kept them!)

Q: Why did you start up on Twitter?
I started up on Twitter about 2 years ago as @PrincessJodie because my ex was on it. It was awesome, but there wasn’t very many people on it at all. 

Q: What is involved in an average work day for you?
My work day is never the same. That’s what I love about working in a bank. I get to meet many unique individuals and help them by providing them financial advice. Other than that, it’s the typical 8:30am to 5pm job except that I LOVE the people I work with. 

Q: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
In your pants! Ha. I am kidding (kind of). For real though, I would now have to choose San Diego. I felt so at home while I was there and I would LOVE to live there. It’s so beautiful and there is sun ALL THE TIME! 

Q: What is one of your most embarrassing moments?
Oh man, it’s so hard to pick just one. I have at least one embarrassing moment happen each day. But if I had to pick one, it would probably have to be when I was in San Diego. I was exploring the city when I was walking down University Ave. I had guys yelling out the window at me and lining up commenting to me as I walked by and I thought to myself, “Damn! Jodie, you are looking mighty fine today. Look at all these guys giving you attention.” I couldn’t understand what they were saying as it was in Spanish, but I only assumed it was something like, “You’re hot!” So I walked into this Mexican store when this guy came in and was speaking Spanish to me and I told him I only spoke English. He asked me if I wanted a ride and I was appalled. Like really? A ride with YOU?! Hell no. So feeling creeped out I went back to Edgar’s place. I was telling some of my friends from San Diego what happened when they told me the area I was walking around in was known for…..
….PROSTITUTES! Can you believe it? Sigh. I didn’t look super “hot,” I looked like I wanted “a ride,” like the guys asked. 

Q: If you were going out with the girls, what would you be wearing and where would you go?
A dress. I love wearing dresses when I go out. They make me feel so pretty. We always seem to hit up Hudsons. Mostly Hudsons downtown. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do on a first date?
Is this supposed to be a G-Rated interview? Haha. I kid….. A first date. I want it to be something different than the standard dinner and a movie. That’s BORING! Take me bowling. Take me mini-golfing, do something fun and where I can see you relax. 

Q: You have zero money to spend, but one of your friends’ birthday is coming up. What do you do?
I would pretend to be sick until I had money :) Nah. I wouldn’t worry about it. My friends are cool in the fact that they don’t need me to buy them presents to know that I love them. But I would still arrange to take them out when I finally had money. 

Q: We all know you’re fairly tall. What’s the best thing about being so tall?
That people notice me. No matter where I go, I never get lost in the crowd. 

Q: ..and the worst?
People always ask me to grab things off of the shelf when I am out shopping. So now I listen to my iPod so I won’t be disturbed. Ha. Also, short guys always want to date me. No, sorry, I won’t date you. I don’t want people to think I am out with my little brother!!

Q: If you suddenly had the day off tomorrow, what would you spend it doing?
I would probably sleep in. Then get caught up on my chores. Boring, I know. But I need to do laundry, organize my clothes and shoes. My shoes are all over the house. I need to stop buying so many….but they are so pretty. I love shoes (just in case you didn’t catch that). 

Q: What is one of the most important qualities in a friendship for you?
Trust. I give everyone my trust until they do something to make me question it. I expect the same thing in return. I have a great circle of friends that I never have to worry about jealousy or any of that meaningless bullshit. I am very lucky.

Q: What is your favorite thing about ME (@AshleyTenille)?
That you are real. A lot of girls are so caddy and uptight. You are funny, smart, and you are friends with me. What more could a girl want from life?

Q: Tell us one thing about yourself that no one would expect:
I have a twin….

….HAHA! Gotcha. Suckers. Something about me that no one would expect. Hmmm…that is a tough question. I would probably have to say that I absolutely hate feet. I think they are so disgusting and ugly. Most people find this weird as I love shoes. I just find shoes make feet look pretty by covering them up.

Q: Lastly, who was the last person you replied to on Twitter and why should we follow them?
Haha. Unsurprisingly it was YOU! Why anyone should follow you is because you have a damn sexy photo. RAWR!



walter said...

I <3 IT!

Jodie is one bad mofo, awesome interview.

It would also be neet-o-rific if you had your interviewees post a pic they previously uploaded(hopefully funny or taboo) and give a short background story to it.

AshleyTenille said...

Oo I like that! Like a picture they had posted on Twitter, or their profile pic? I like the idea of like a twitpic/tweetphoto they have uploaded once upon a time.

Great idea, thanks! :)