Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kleenex, Vitamin C, and a pouty Ash

Blegh! Someone made me sick. I have to find someone to blame, but it's not going so well. Started with a sore throat, then suddenly the next day it spread into every possible part of my head. After a HORRIBLE night's sleep (if I can call it that) I am now sitting on the couch in my pjs, covered in my blanky, with kleenex shoved up my nose. I'm sexy like that.

So anyways, what's new with me you ask? Well the other day I OFFICIALLY enrolled for Reeves College's Graphic Design program for the fall. Gadzooks! I am "technically" a student? I know, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. The good thing is that since I enrolled, I have secured myself a spot for the fall semester and if something happens during the summer, I can pull out with no penalty before classes start. And the other good news, is that the class is filling up quick for fall, but they top their class size for this program at 12 students. 12! That sounds wonderful. So now I just have to work on finding a job that I would be able to work part time while in school. Wish me luck, I'll need it.

I have to take this opportunity to mention @MauStCha (twitter) for what a fantastic friend she is. She's like this ray of sunshine and support group, confidante, all rolled into one. She's been super in keeping my spirits up, giving me encouraging words and praise all while going through her own stuff! No matter what she's going through, she always manages to shoot me an email with a supportive spirit (even though lately I haven't been great at reciprocating these emails as quickly as I should!).

Also, I would like to mention my fab crit partner @CourtneyReese86 - what a lovely diamond in the ruff I have found! She's helped me find my renewed drive for my new WiP and has been grinding some plot details that I haven't been able to hash out with anyone. She's a great writer and fantastic friend, and the best crit partner I could have asked for! 

Well, I should go and get some more juice into me and find some soothing lotion for my poor nose. I shall leave you all with this question:

What is your best remedy for a cold? Without caving in to the multiple cold medicines of the drug world. I'd appreciate any answers you can give!



Courtney Reese said...

Well look at my head swell up from the compliments ;-)
I'm sorry your sick, friend--but at least I didn't get you sick ! PS--sorry I haven't replied to your email yet. I swear I WILL, I've just had a killer week AND I just started my new job ...

AshleyTenille said...

You deserve them lady!
And no worries about the email. I feel bad that I haven't done any critting for you in a while! I'm going to try tonight if my sickness will allow me.
When you write me back, tell me about the new job!