Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Demon in the Night

These thoughts, these feelings,
The taunting.
These unexplainable hauntings.
A fleeting power of might,
Lost by the demon in the night.
Unbalanced reasons to agree
Bare mixed with hopes of sanity,
A sense of humanity.
These answers within my sight
Broken by the demon in the night.
Grasping at straws of reality,
Bound tight into the ground,
The weight will bring it down,
But I will fight, I will fight,
Against the demon in the night.
Masked is the face of the truth,
The answers blind before me,
How do I set myself free?
From the tragedy of this vicious flight,
These aggressive taunts within my sight,
Rearing its ugly head into my life,
I am my own demon in the night.
I pry and I cry,
I try as I might.
To relinquish these thoughts of the demon in the night,
My savior, my thorn,
My inabilities reborn,
By this ghastly vision of terror in the night,
By fear so blinding and bright,
No sense of truth, no sense of right,
My own crazed lack of insight.
Of this terror, this error,
This taunting flight,
This weakening power to fight,
My lack of will tonight.
My savior, my thorn,
My own demon in the night.

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