Friday, June 11, 2010

Can't sleep. Late night musings.

Day: Friday.. or is it Thursday..? June.. the.. something... *heavy sigh* I'm so unemployed...
Time: Well, according to the little clock on the bottom right, it's 1.25am.
Current Mood: Le sigh.

Well, it's been happening all too much lately - I can't sleep. Not even my beloved make-me-fall-asleep-listening-no-matter-what playlist can't help me tonight. The song that never fails to put this little chickadee in slumber's eye isn't even doing it's job. (Into Dust by Mazzy Star). All I can think about the lyrics.

Still... fallinggggg.
Breathless and on again.
Inside todayyy

Inside me todayyy
Arounddd brokennn in two

I went to bed an hour ago. Laid in the dark, waiting for the playlist to do its job while forcing my eyes closed. Nothing. Zip. Nada. So up I got, stumbling blindly into the living room to get some water, then out to the balcony for a smoke. Now I'm sitting in my all-too-dark (*cough* creepy *cough*) living room, laptop screen GLARING oh, so brightly in my face, while the ipod sings in my ear (yes, still have that 'sleepy time/inspire for writing' playlist going. Maybe it will kick in soon...). Even with the music blaring in my ears, I can still hear our beloved annoying kitchen clock ticking ever so loudly. Has it always been this loud!? Dear god.

*turns volume up on ipod*

So, to be honest, I don't even know where I'm going with this post. I'm being honest, alright?? (2 points for honesty). I can't sleep. My eyelids are so heavy, yet my mind won't shut off. I could write in the WiP, but I'm afraid it won't make any sense (much like this blog post I presume), and when I wake up in the morning I'll smack myself and delete.

Phew! I must say, thank god for @nataliexmurphy . She's still up and we're tweeting loopy nonsense to each other. Must be an Albertan insomnia wave. Hey, at least we have each other. If you want to see her super awesome, random, loopy blogpost of the middle of the night, check it out here:

Do any of you ever have so much flowing through your mind at mach 1 that it just will NOT shut up to let you sleep? The mind, our greatest friend, our greatest foe. Usually the music will help for me. If I can't sleep I let the ipod play and after a few songs I catch myself waking up to something playing 10 songs later. "Umm.. I guess I fell asleep...?" Most of the time I will nudge myself awake somehow so I can pull out the earphones and sleep safely (there may have been a time or two.. or more.. where I have fallen asleep with music playing and woke up to the headphone cord wrapped around my neck. I know, I know, *bad Ashley!!*)

Sometimes tea helps. I have a cupboard STOCKED full of tea (I'm worse than an 80 yr old woman, I swear). Amongst that stock is my beloved Sleepy Time tea, which sometimes actually does help (not lately).

Alcohol is a no-brainer "sleep aid", but we're trying to stay away from doing that anymore.

I won't take sleeping pills. I had before when I was going through some things and had some SERIOUS insomnia action going on, but then you can become reliant on them. I don't like taking pills if I don't have to.

What else...? What are YOUR helpful tips for getting to sleep?

Ok, better end here before I start talkin' crazy (a tired, sleep-lacking Ash is one who confuses many). Plus I'm REALLY starting to get creeped out by the fact that the only light in this whole place is coming from my laptop screen and I can't see anything in the darkness surrounding me...

Now where's that gnome with the magic sleepy dust?



Natalie Murphy said...

I DRINK SLEEPY TIME TEA TOO! I haven't met anyone else who does! Must truly be an Albertan thing ;)

And I'm sorry I abandoned you. Did you get to sleep?

AshleyTenille said...

I love sleepy time tea!

And no worries! I did fall asleep.. eventually. Though it was a pretty crappy one! Oh well! Hopefully tonight will be better. Did you have a good sleep?

Natalie Murphy said...

I was okay. I had to get up early to do chores though, so that sucked.