Friday, June 18, 2010

Haunted - Kelley Armstrong (get 'er done, Ash)

It's all about procrastination, right? Enter random book post of my frustration.

First, let me say that I'm the type of person who goes through a HUGE reading binge (while procrastinating the writing), where I'll read nearly a book per day for about a week. Then the reading spurt subsides and off to writing frenzy it is. Actually, a couple weeks ago I read 4 books in 4 days (Rachel Vincent shifter series - amazing!). Anyways, seeing as this writing procrastination has been lasting a LOT longer than I could ever imagine (or want), I've been reading a ton. Now I'm stuck.

Second, I must say I love Kelley Armstrong's writing and Otherworld series. (The fact that she is Canadian makes her even better! Represent!) Anyways, a friend recommended Bitten a while ago (first book of this series). I was looking for good shifter books for inspiration and things. Anyways, FLEW through Bitten, instantly grabbed up Stolen and flew through that as well. Then with Dime Store Magic , I was a little leery because it switched narrators at this point. I'll admit, I'm not HUGE on the whole narrator switch (especially in the same book), and was a little dubious in the fact that this one was focusing on a witch's POV now. (I wanted shifters damnit. Bring back the werewolves!) But to my surprise I really enjoyed this book and also the next one, Industrial Magic. Then I got to Haunted...

Now, to be fair my friend who recommended the series WARNED me about this book and said I could borrow it instead of spending money to buy (if I like a book/series, I always buy it). She warned me this one was hard to get through and probably the worst one of the series. And I'm not huge on the whole 'ghosty/paranormally' novels. Then the lay offs happened (this friend is someone I had worked with) and haven't seen her since then so I DID buy it. Oy. I don't know if it's my non-interest in ghosty things or what, but I am STRUGGLING to get through this one. But it's one of those series where you NEED to read the book, because there will be things referenced in later ones. *Sigh*.

It's not that it's bad writing... Maybe it's hard for me to relate because the MC in this one is, I'm guessing in her 40s (I'm 23). Although, the male MC Kristof, well he's an alright vision in my head. It could be the whole fact that she's a ghost and it's all about HER on the "other side". There isn't a lot of action, mainly just a mission that keeps taking her in circles and blah blah.

Seriously struggling. I'm on page... *grabs book from coffee table to see*... 227/448. If I'm really into a book I will continue reading it until I'm DONE (one of those "can't put the book down" people). This one I've mainly been reading in the tub. I'm trying though. Really, I am! I can't WAIT to get to the next book (bring back the werewolves! YES. Can't wait.)

Although, I DO have to admit that there has been one exciting part in this book for me because it involved PIRATES. My reaction: YES!! And then the pirates were done and it's back to trudging through. I'm hoping the plot picks up or at LEAST gives me some action here.

Even with 'the dud', I HIGHLY recommend Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld series. (besides Haunted), her writing is fantastic, plot lines are great, and her characters are really well written (Gotta love Clay... *dreamy sigh*)


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