Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Twitterview #4 - @stygldpnyby

Well, it's about time I ventured back to the Twitterviews... I have to say that this one is one of my FAVORITE ladies, be that in Twitter OR in person, I <3 her. With that said, I'd like to introduce you all to:


Q: How did you come about blessing the Twitter World with your presence? (AKA – When/Why did you start up a Twitter account?)
I started it up in February of 2009. I was just reading a lot about this Twitter site and decided to check it out. Pretty simple!

Q: What consists of an average day in the life of Liz?
Average day of the jobless wonder would consist of waking up (hopefully) early (meaning no later than 9:30), treadmilling it up, working on Physics by correspondence, eating at some point, usually running a couple errands, getting distracted countless times, and usually hanging out with someone in the evening.

Q: What is the last movie you rented and what did you think about it?
Tristan and I watched this Korean film called ‘Biyeolhan Geori’, translated into ‘A Dirty Carnival’. It was great. I really enjoy foreign films. I find them to be… I don’t know… less about the gimmicks and explosions and poo jokes and more about the story, characters, character development, etc.

Q: You look up at the clock and, yikes! It’s lunch time! What are you craving?
A: Hmm. Well, it doesn’t matter what I’m craving because I usually just end up eating leftovers! Ideally though, I’d eat Subway every day.

Q: If there was a type of person that could be wiped from this world, what type would you want it to be?
A: Very good question! I would say… hm. small-minded people. Those who are unwilling to open their minds and learn about and potentially even accept things that are different from what they’re used to. Like, somebody just having the mentality that ‘You’re wrong, I’m right, and since I’m right, I don’t even want to hear what you have to say.’. Those kinds of people are extremely frustrating to deal with.

Q: It’s 10.00pm on a Thursday night. What are you doing?
A: Let me check back on my 5 year journal and let you know what I typically do on Thursday nights… June 10th: nothing, apparently. I did a physics experiment on waves. June 3rd: Was at Tristan’s at 10pm. May 27th: Hung out with Tristan. Conclusion: usually, I am with Tristan on a Thursday at 10pm.

Q: If you had to describe yourself (and you do) in 3 words, what would they be?
A: Gypsy Punk Revolution!

Q: What is your least favorite household chore and why?
A: Vacuuming because it’s too loud, and because I have a hard time spelling vaccum. vaccuum. Vacuum? Ah, yes.

Q: You’re sitting around, playing on Twitter and suddenly you smell smoke. Oh no! The bathroom has suddenly caught fire! What 3 things would you be most upset about losing?
A: I’d be upset about losing my wonderful MacBook, (so very clich├ęd, but true for this next one) my countless photo albums and photos, and lastly, I’d be upset about losing Quatchi! He’s very special to me.

Q: Phew! It turns out the bathroom fire was only a dream. You wake up in a cold sweat from the horrific nightmare. What do you do?
A: Go pee, have a drink of water, and go back to sleep.

Q: If there was one animal you could have and train to be your own personal minion, what would it be and why?
A: “minion: a follower or underling of a powerful person, esp. a servile or unimportant one.”
Yes, I had to look that up (I do that with words that I sometimes need clarification on). Well I guess it’d have to be a Dik Dik. David Attenborough introduced me to them while I was watching Life of Mammals. They’re these adorable deer-like animals, but they are extremely small. Like, they only come up 40 cm, max. I’m pretty sure @steenyweeny was talking about them a while ago.  I’d want a Dik Dik specifically because they’re damn cute and I’m sure it’d let me cuddle with it or something. I would name it Popcorn. Yes.

Q: Say something in Ukrainian.
A: This will be difficult because we use a different alphabet, which I don’t have on my compy, so here goes using English letters:
Koly ya bula mala divchyna, Ya bavylysya z robotim tsiloho den.
(When I was a little girl, I played with robots all day long.)

Q: Ok, so that last one wasn’t a question. What foreign language is the sexiest in your eyes (ears)?
A: I don’t think I’ve ever really thought of that. I guess Spanish. I took it when I briefly was at Grant MacEwan in the Fall of ’07, and thoroughly enjoyed hearing it all around me when I was in Mexico last month.

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve (or one of them)?
A: Wet. Socks. Ugh.

Q: Is there anything you would like to share with the rest of the class?
A: Umm. *slouches into desk*. Nope.

Q: Lastly, who is the last person you @ replied to on Twitter and why should we follow them?
A: That would be @cfskinner and he’s a self-described ‘traditional skin’. He’s incredibly nice, knows so so much about GOOD music (we had a great little discussion about Desmond Dekker last week), and he’s located right here in jolly old #yeg. So… follow him!


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