Friday, June 4, 2010

Dream Scene Blogfest!

Confession: This is my first EVER blogfest submission, thanks to my lovely CP @CourtneyReese86 whose raving about them convinced me to give 'er a go. I also have to thank @kristenyard for "guiding" me this morning in posting, since I'm such a blogfest virgin. Arrr ye always have me back, mate!

What this one is about: Congrats @AmaliaTd , for being the one who caught my eye and drove me to sign up! Her fantastic idea for a Dream Scene blogfest is what got me to sign up. Check out her awesome blog (and all of the other great writers who signed up for this at .!

Ok, just smidgen of info for my submission - it's a scene in a 3rd novel of a 'trilogy' my friend and I have been collaborating on back and forth through email for the past three years or so. This series started out as something to pass the time (we did the same back in high school, passing a binder back and forth between classes, collaborating on stories), and now it's turned into 3 joined stories.

Fact: I was actually going to use a different scene for this, but this morning I woke up and decided to go with this one instead. Not sure why... maybe because it's the reference of 'zombies'.

Without further ado, here's my scene:

     “Reid! Reid, help! …You have to help me!”
      Reid’s attention snapped to his left, struggling to focus on the irregular, matching faces of the crowded club. Everyone looked the same; everyone had the similar meaningless expressions on their face as they danced to the wonky, disruptive rhythm of the music pouring from the speakers surrounding them all in the high energy club.
      He could hear her. He couldn’t recognize the stuttering, fuzzy sound beating all around him, or the loud, screaming noises of the waves of people in front, behind and beside him. But he could hear her. She was calling for him.
      “Lexi! Lexi, where are you? I can’t see you!” He heard himself shouting back frantically, but he couldn’t feel his lips moving. He frowned at the realization in the back of his head, but disregarded it as his eyes flew over the zombie-like bodies moving at odd angles to the music.
      “REID.” Her voice sounded to his immediate right, as if she were right beside him. His head snapped towards her in an instant, and he just caught a glimpse of the back of her head, with her long flowing dark hair before she disappeared among the multiple expressionless zombies.
      “Lexi!” Reid called again, spinning around in a circle while frowning to himself at what was happening.       The music changed beat and seemed to be melting through the speakers and the bodies surrounding him immediately slowed to match the beat, moving in wave-like motions that almost hypnotized him on the spot.
      “Reid, over here!” He heard Lexi’s voice again, behind him now, and he spun around to see her. He actually spotted her, only a few feet away. She looked frightened. Her face was unnaturally pale and she was staring at him with worried eyes.
      “Lexi! Hang on,” Reid called and moved to take a step towards her, but as soon as he did a large group of people, the lookalike zombies, materialized out of nowhere and walked in front of him, separating him from getting to Lexi. He struggled to push past them, shouting and shoving, but it was almost like they were made of cement and didn’t even bat an eye toward him at his motions.
      “Help me, Reid!”
      He could hear her, further away this time. When he spun ninety degrees to the left, he spotted her across the dance floor, across the huge mob of dancing...things. How did she get over there so fast? What was happening?
      Reid’s mind was numb of the answers, but he was about to dive into the mob of people to get to her. They seemed to be multiplying in the hot, crowded club. The strobe lights going off made it hard to see and when he glanced back to judge his movements, Lexi was gone.
      “Reid, please… help. You have to help me,” her voice seemed to echo so clearly, as if only her hushed were were audible to him and the blaring music was only mindless background noise.
      “Where are you? Lexi, I can’t… I can’t see you, just please, tell me where you are,” Reid pleaded out loud, desperate as his eyes flew over the pale faces surrounding him. They all looked so similar... None acknowledging anything around them, only swaying with blank expressions on their faces.
      “Reid,” her voice whispered from behind, her lips only a breath away from his ear. He reached out before he even turned around, and grabbed onto her. When he spun around to face her, before his eyes could confirm her presence, finally with him, a sharp pain dug into his right shoulder, knocking Lexi from his grasp.


Elaine AM Smith said...

Lost in a dream. Each so near and yet so far away? You conveyed the fear and desperation in this surreal, unreal dream sequence.

Tessa Conte said...

whoa! Great scene, and like elaine said, unreal!

Great first Blogfest entry!!!

Amalia T. said...

I like this sequence because the dream is so something anyone might have. It's very realistic, and I think that helps draw the reader in!

Thanks for Participating! I'm so glad you decided to start blogfesting with my Dreamfest!! :)

DL Hammons said...

I think I actually had a dream similar to that. Ha. Great descriptive technique!


AshleyTenille said...

Thanks guys, you are all too sweet! You've definitely made my day :) and also made my very first jump into blogfests a success. Will definitely be joining in more!

sarahjayne smythe said...

Great description in a very surreal, sad dream. Great entry. :)

Hayley said...

This was a great dream, and you should participate in blogfests more often, it was amazing!! Pop on over and check out mine if you get the chance.

elizabeth mueller said...

Oooh, wow... So vivid. This really sounds like a scene straight from a movie--Good job! Isn't it just like a dream to never get what you want and it slips away? Great portrayal of that!

Come by and read my entry!

PS--you'll LOVE blogfests. Welcome!!

Kris & Kels said...

oooh.. Intense. I like it :) you are very descriptive.

<3 Kelsey Leigh

AshleyTenille said...

Thanks everyone, you are the absolute best! I'm going to try and check out all of your dream scenes as soon as I can! :)

Dawn Embers said...

Welcome to the world of blogfests. They are fun.

Interesting dream. I don't often read about zombies but the mosh pit dream makes it an intriguing scene to read. Well done. Good luck with the writing and hope to see you around on other blogfests.

You should check out Mia at My Literary Jam and Toast. She loves zombie stuff.