Monday, June 7, 2010

Robot Short Story - This'll show him.

So, earlier this morning I had tweeted that I was up and doing some early morning writing. I was ready, I had my coffee, and I was so ready to tackle some scenes in my WiP. Then, the little shit (@TysonDueck , if you want to know) decided to tweet something in reply saying, and I quote,

"TysonDueck : @AshleyTenille Write me a short story. Preferrably one about a robot that falls in love. And I want a twist ending!"

So, instead of replying to his smart ass reply with my own smart ass reply, I decided to show him up. Ditching the writing I SHOULD have been working on, I opened up a new word doc and spit this little number out in about 15 mins. 

This will teach you to mess with me Tyson! Didn't think I would, did ya?


“Please… Don’t… leave… me…”

It could talk. She didn’t know how, she didn’t know why, but it could talk.

Her head whipped around so fast she felt a bone crack in the side of her neck, but she ignored the brief pain and stared at it with wide eyes.

“You… you… But you’re just a bunch of metal and screws… It’s not possible…” she stammered, eyeing up the intricate parts that had been put together specifically to make this life sized robot. Sure it could move; its job was to deactivate bombs and pick up hard to reach items. But its makeshift eyes were unblinking, it had no heart to beat or to feel, and it had no lips to speak.

“Anything. is. possible. Sharon. You. of. all. people. should. know. that. by. now.”

Its voice was quiet and spoke on one computer-like level. Its metallic jaw moved slightly as it spoke.

“…How?” Sharon fell to her knees from weakness, only a few feet away from the mangled robot. She wiped a hand across her brow, smudged with black from the recent explosion. As she took in their surroundings, the broken structures that had once been a building, she felt like she was in a dream world.

“Just. because. I. have. no. heart. does. not. mean. I. cannot. feel,” the robot continued, snapping her attention back to the pile of metal. The shine was dulled by the soot marks, and she knew it was missing one of its specially designed arms that was created to pick apart the smallest of wires and was even equipped with a small camera on the end of its fingers.

This wasn’t possible. She must be delirious from the explosion.

“You’re… you’re just a bunch of parts… You can’t talk…” she sputtered and felt her shoulders slump.

The robot’s head twitched to the side and a red light started blinking sporadically on its chest.

“I.... Feel.” Its monotone voice continued as its right arm moved at an odd angle.

The red light started blinking faster.

“It. is. why. I. have. to. do. this. It. is. the. only. way. It. is. what. I. have. been. programmed. to. do. in. this. situation. I. am. beyond. repair. I. know. that.”

A frown flickered across Sharon’s face as the realization hit her. Her eyes focused on the rapid flicker of the red light and she began to feel her eyes well up. A large tear fell and slid down her cheek.

“No…” she whispered and began crawling towards the robot, ignoring the piercing pain in her injured shoulder. He couldn’t do it, she couldn’t let him…

Its right arm twitched again, but this time it didn’t stop jerking from side to side. “I cannot.. stop it. It is what.. I am programmed.. to do. Farewell Sharon. Thank you. For. Showing. A. Robot. How to… Love.”

At that moment the blinking stopped and shone a solid red. Sharon’s eyes widened and her hand gripped around one of the robot’s cool, metal legs. A shrill beeping sounded from the complicated pile of masterfully designed parts, a creation that had taken years to master before it could be put in the field. 

The robot blew up in a loud, ear-splitting self destruction. The engineers had created the robot to do exactly that when it was damaged beyond repair so that the enemies couldn’t steal any of their workmanship.

The last thing Sharon heard was the nearly human, screaming sound come from the robot before she was blown to pieces by the robot's self destruction.

The end.
-I also have to mention that this was all just for fun. I'm not expanding on this or anything, just proving a point! :P


Tyson said...

Awesome. Good job Ashley. I enjoyed this story. Poor Robot...It just wanted to be loved...although not much of a twist ending...perhaps you should watch some M. Night Shamalon movies. ;)

AshleyTenille said...

Hey, it was the best I could come up with in such a short time span! You will take my twist, and you will like it!