Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Bradford House

Ok, since I'm having issues with writing recently, I decided to maybe give a little plot blurb about one of my current stories. This may give me a little bit of a push to get cracking again, who knows!

Basically, my "temp" title (which I may keep) is The Bradford House. It's my first 'attempt' at a more supernatural, paranormal type story, so it's interesting to write. I've also realized how hard it is to WRITE scary happenings, those dun dun dunnnn moments. You don't realize it, when seeing on tv for example if something jumps out it startles you. It's hard to startle someone while they are reading, mainly because you have to choose your words carefully and be as brief at the beginning of the incident as possible to get that 'startle' effect. It's easy to explain an eerie setting or ominous environment, but that JUMP effect is more difficult.

Anyways, in a nutshell, 2 friends embark upon a road trip to a haunted Bed & Breakfast. They're hoping for a good stay, spooky moments and maybe even see or hear a *gasp* ghost. There are only about 4 guest rooms at this place and it is run by an elderly couple who have been renting out the rooms at the popular haunted destination for years.
*Back story on B&B* Early 1900s, a family - The Bradfords - lived in the house. Long story short, dad went crazy, killed his wife, his daughter and the maid and that family is now haunting the place. The most haunted room is where the 'dad' had killed himself after murdering his family.

The people staying in the B&B are the 2 girls (say early 20s - who the story mainly focuses around), a newlywed couple who, for some odd reason, chose the haunted B&B as their honeymoon destination, 2 males (early 20s) who are in the middle of a road trip with a camper who came upon the B&B by chance and decided to stay a few days, and a creepy, quiet writer who is there for the soul purpose of research on haunted places - or so we think. And of course, the elderly couple who run it.

Creepy things happen, maybe people start disappearing, finding odd objects, blood, lies, etc, etc. One character has a hate for another for no reason, they've never even met before. Maybe everything isn't as it seems at the haunted Bradford House. Who will end up dead, and who will be alive? Will anyone even get out of the house in the end?? Not even I know for sure.

Anywho, that's 'bout it. I don't like explaining too much for fear I will ruin it.
Let me know if it sounds like an interesting read or not (if you can tell from my brief, random blurb).

Til next time.

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