Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things That Make Me Giggle.

Well I changed my blog URL to 'thingsshesays', (from the original inkofmind one). And now I'm inspired to do random blog entries on things. Hence, this entry (*queue deep, echo-y voice*): Things That Make Me Giggle...

Lets start it off with a more recent one. You know those times where you're home alone, all by yourself, and suddenly something on TV strikes you funny and you start laughing uncontrollably, then later feel like an idiot because of how much you laughed (not to mention, while no one else was around). Ok, bring in the new Boston Pizza Commercials. It happened to me the other morning and suddenly it came on, if you've seen it you know what I'm talking about (pun on the song Oh Yeah by Yello): Ohhhhh Boston Pizzaaaa.... *bum bum* Ohhhh... Salad... . Seriously. Whenever those commercials come on now it brings on the giggle fit.

Next up: People falling down. I know it's rude, and maybe a little cruel, but HONESTLY. When you're walking down the sidewalk and you witness the person in front of you trip and then look around to see if anyone noticed, and there you are laughing like an idiot, embarassing the poor fella (or gal). You can't tell me you haven't laughed at someone who has tripped and/or fallen down. It's instinct built within us to laugh. It's just a funny thing to see. I laugh at MYSELF when I trip or fall. It's especially funny when there's ice and you see 3 people in a row slip (and almost fall) on the same patch, then try and recover all smoothly like nothing happened. LOL. Just picturing people tripping is making me laugh. Don't think I'm a total bitch, I generally ask them if they're ok (after the laughing fit is over...).

Something that is ALWAYS good for a chuckle, Leslie Neilsen. I think he's one of the funniest men IN THE WORLD. He's hilarious. If I'm ever in a frump, just chuck in Naked Gun (any of them), Wrongfully Accused, Scary Movie, Airplane, any of them. He is one funny f***er.

Myself. I'm just saying. You're one with yourself if you're able to laugh at your own stupidity. And this is something I do often.

Watching drunk people try to dance is also up there. Especially at bars. You know the guys, who think they're all that and kind of push their way into the middle of the dance floor and start busting a move like they're John Travolta? But they don't realize how stupid they look? I love it. Or the girls at the bars who think they're the hottest thing there, but they're practically doing the Elaine from Seinfield.

Actually, just people watching in general is usually good for a laugh. I especially like to 'do voices' for them, as my friends would know. Making up the conversations as you watch people converse. Awesome. That's a good time right there.

There's plenty more, but I feel I should stop here. Oh wait, another one is my bff. When we're together it's like, constant laughter. The kind that afterwards it feels like you just did the ab ripper 6000.

Hm. Moral of the post. Laughter IS the best medicine.


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