Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Bradford House

Ok, since I'm having issues with writing recently, I decided to maybe give a little plot blurb about one of my current stories. This may give me a little bit of a push to get cracking again, who knows!

Basically, my "temp" title (which I may keep) is The Bradford House. It's my first 'attempt' at a more supernatural, paranormal type story, so it's interesting to write. I've also realized how hard it is to WRITE scary happenings, those dun dun dunnnn moments. You don't realize it, when seeing on tv for example if something jumps out it startles you. It's hard to startle someone while they are reading, mainly because you have to choose your words carefully and be as brief at the beginning of the incident as possible to get that 'startle' effect. It's easy to explain an eerie setting or ominous environment, but that JUMP effect is more difficult.

Anyways, in a nutshell, 2 friends embark upon a road trip to a haunted Bed & Breakfast. They're hoping for a good stay, spooky moments and maybe even see or hear a *gasp* ghost. There are only about 4 guest rooms at this place and it is run by an elderly couple who have been renting out the rooms at the popular haunted destination for years.
*Back story on B&B* Early 1900s, a family - The Bradfords - lived in the house. Long story short, dad went crazy, killed his wife, his daughter and the maid and that family is now haunting the place. The most haunted room is where the 'dad' had killed himself after murdering his family.

The people staying in the B&B are the 2 girls (say early 20s - who the story mainly focuses around), a newlywed couple who, for some odd reason, chose the haunted B&B as their honeymoon destination, 2 males (early 20s) who are in the middle of a road trip with a camper who came upon the B&B by chance and decided to stay a few days, and a creepy, quiet writer who is there for the soul purpose of research on haunted places - or so we think. And of course, the elderly couple who run it.

Creepy things happen, maybe people start disappearing, finding odd objects, blood, lies, etc, etc. One character has a hate for another for no reason, they've never even met before. Maybe everything isn't as it seems at the haunted Bradford House. Who will end up dead, and who will be alive? Will anyone even get out of the house in the end?? Not even I know for sure.

Anywho, that's 'bout it. I don't like explaining too much for fear I will ruin it.
Let me know if it sounds like an interesting read or not (if you can tell from my brief, random blurb).

Til next time.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Writer's Block

It hurts.

It's kicking my ass harder than that Rocky with the huge Russian. Though, much like Rocky, I'll end up on top. Eventually. "AADDRRRIIIAAANNNNN!"

Since I can't concentrate enough to write in any of my stories, I will focus my attention to zee blog so I can at least yet some words down. Even if it's just to make myself feel better.

Back to Rocky IV. Much advice from Duke:

Duke: You're gonna have to go through hell, worse than any nightmare you've ever dreamed. But when it's over, I know you'll be the one standing. You know what you have to do. Do it.

Do it! Stupid writer's block. I'll show you. I know what I have to do... Actually, I don't, but I know that at some point I'll be like *ding*! And write a million pages.

I think my writer's block = sleep deprived. I'm so tired. And when I'm tired my mind is this: --------------------- * ----- **** -------------- zzzzzzz -----.

The stars usually represent hunger. Or. Other need-to-attend emotions. I don't think I've ever had the 'Block' this bad. I've tried to sit and make myself (I know, I know, you can never make yourself write. At least you shouldn't. It'll come when it wants to). But for me, if I sit down and say, "lookie here fingers, you're going to just write and the ideas will follow", it usually works. Not lately. I don't know what's going on with me, but I don't like it. Evil, evil.

I also blame it on my urge to read opposed to write. Lately I've been craving the good reads and therefore reading = less time for writing. But I do enjoy the books. I also like to blame this silliness on a zillion other little things, but sometimes I think you just need to give yourself a break and 'zen' out your mind. I don't know why, but lately I've thought of about 5 other superb ideas for new stories, but I force myself not to start anymore otherwise I would never finish anything. Which is why I probably HAVEN'T finished a lot.

*Fun Fact* A - good at starting promising stories, horrible at ending them.

I think it's because I get bored with things easily. Then I start something else. And I also get distracted easily. Must. Force. Self. To. Continue. With. Current... Stuff.

Ok, on that note, I'm off to chase bunnies, find those lucky charms, jump over the moon, or try and write something productive today.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things That Make Me Giggle.

Well I changed my blog URL to 'thingsshesays', (from the original inkofmind one). And now I'm inspired to do random blog entries on things. Hence, this entry (*queue deep, echo-y voice*): Things That Make Me Giggle...

Lets start it off with a more recent one. You know those times where you're home alone, all by yourself, and suddenly something on TV strikes you funny and you start laughing uncontrollably, then later feel like an idiot because of how much you laughed (not to mention, while no one else was around). Ok, bring in the new Boston Pizza Commercials. It happened to me the other morning and suddenly it came on, if you've seen it you know what I'm talking about (pun on the song Oh Yeah by Yello): Ohhhhh Boston Pizzaaaa.... *bum bum* Ohhhh... Salad... . Seriously. Whenever those commercials come on now it brings on the giggle fit.

Next up: People falling down. I know it's rude, and maybe a little cruel, but HONESTLY. When you're walking down the sidewalk and you witness the person in front of you trip and then look around to see if anyone noticed, and there you are laughing like an idiot, embarassing the poor fella (or gal). You can't tell me you haven't laughed at someone who has tripped and/or fallen down. It's instinct built within us to laugh. It's just a funny thing to see. I laugh at MYSELF when I trip or fall. It's especially funny when there's ice and you see 3 people in a row slip (and almost fall) on the same patch, then try and recover all smoothly like nothing happened. LOL. Just picturing people tripping is making me laugh. Don't think I'm a total bitch, I generally ask them if they're ok (after the laughing fit is over...).

Something that is ALWAYS good for a chuckle, Leslie Neilsen. I think he's one of the funniest men IN THE WORLD. He's hilarious. If I'm ever in a frump, just chuck in Naked Gun (any of them), Wrongfully Accused, Scary Movie, Airplane, any of them. He is one funny f***er.

Myself. I'm just saying. You're one with yourself if you're able to laugh at your own stupidity. And this is something I do often.

Watching drunk people try to dance is also up there. Especially at bars. You know the guys, who think they're all that and kind of push their way into the middle of the dance floor and start busting a move like they're John Travolta? But they don't realize how stupid they look? I love it. Or the girls at the bars who think they're the hottest thing there, but they're practically doing the Elaine from Seinfield.

Actually, just people watching in general is usually good for a laugh. I especially like to 'do voices' for them, as my friends would know. Making up the conversations as you watch people converse. Awesome. That's a good time right there.

There's plenty more, but I feel I should stop here. Oh wait, another one is my bff. When we're together it's like, constant laughter. The kind that afterwards it feels like you just did the ab ripper 6000.

Hm. Moral of the post. Laughter IS the best medicine.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Punta Cana, Here I come!

Well on November 26th I will be taking my first ever vacation.


Going to the Dominican Republic and I'm quite excited. I went on my first ever plane trip last December to Disneyland (for work - I know, right?) and then I was in Toronto in June (again, for work), but NOW I get to go somewhere fantastic and hot and beachy all on my own time and enjoy the things I want to enjoy. This is going to be the furthest away I've ever gone, and I'll actually get to see the ocean! Yes, yes, I know what you're all thinking and no, I've never seen the ocean before. Well, unless you count seeing it from the plane when we were flying to California to Disneyland, but I don't think that counts. I'll get to put my feet on the ocean!

It's only 2 months away, and I'm going to have to start planning. I'm definitely going to hook up to try some windsurfing (picture A flying as we speak), would love to do a zip line and lots of other fun stuff.

I'm going with my mom, but I promised her that I would take her on our first trip (out of Canada anyways). It should be a blast.

I'm finally starting to do some of the things I've been wanting to do for the past couple years but haven't due to anxiety and a lot of reasons towards this. IE) tattoo, VACATION, next up I'm still trying to find some online courses for writing (no luck yet...)

Punta Cana! *high five*


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goal fullfilled!

So in a previous post I mentioned that I wanted to do something for a memorable Summer '09. I had only a few days left until it was officially fall. But! I have successfully done something that is definitely memorable for my Summer '09.

I finally got my tattoo.

I've been wanting to get one FOREVER and since I was about 14, I knew the first one I wanted to get was the symbol for Gemini. And now I have it.

It didn't hurt as bad as I thought it would (if anyone has ever gotten anything waxed, that hurts more than a tattoo!) I'm quite giddy about it, I love it. The dude who did it was pretty fantastic as well.

So, congrats to me! Ink virginity has been lost.

Here's to Summer '09! Now bring on the fall.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Operation: PJ Pants

Ok so, recently I've gotten into sewing. I know what you're thinking, but my friend had told me a few months ago how she's (basically a domestic goddess, a young golden girl, a craftsy sewer/knitter/crocheter, etc, etc). I've always been the creative type (minus drawing/sketching - I can't even draw stick people properly..). So she got me all interested in this sewing business. I love fashion and have always wanted to be able to create things.

So anyways, I bought a sewing machine a couple months ago and had proceeded into my first project. I had been looking for a good hobo bag for a while, yet had not found the one. I'm very picky with purses (*cough* purse fetish). So I was bound and determined to make my own hobo bag. Long story short - I had found a pattern online for something 'similar' to what I wanted, cut out the pattern and then ALTERED it, cut out differently, made this longer, that bigger, yada yada yada. So basically I'm working with my own creation and hoping it all worked once I started sewing the thing together. In the end it worked out quite well! I was surprised. Shocked. Mom was proud (she still won't stop talking about it), so now I'm a little bit confident with my sewing skills having my first project be a fairly decent bag if you ask me.

Next project - pj pants. Apparently I've been told that I should have started with pj pants as it is a lot easier than the purse. Originally I was thinking pj SHORTS, however now that summer is slowly disappearing I may do the pants. And this one is going to be all me because I can't really find a pattern for what I want. So I may just wing it and see what will come out of it.

I'll try to post a picture of the pants once they are complete. In the mean time here's a quick snap of the bag.

Wish me luck with my future creation. I hope it turns out ok!

-A (aka designer in the making. aka an 86 year old in a 22 year old's body.)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Being cool by doing school?

So I've been contemplating going back to school for quite some time now. Don't get me wrong, I'm only 22, however I was an honor student throughout my entire life and ever since I graduated high school I've been feeling like I'm wasting my "smarts" if you will. I didn't immediately apply to colleges/universities like most of my friends mainly because I didn't know what I wanted to go for exactly. And I wasn't about to waste oodles of money on something I wouldn't even use (don't even get me started on tuition costs, etc, etc).

So anyways, after 4 years of working full time I've gotten used to the continuous paycheques, but can't help but feel this empty void inside of me to pursue something even if it was just for my own benefit.

I love reading and writing and always have. I'm always writing in my free time and have been contemplating taking an actual course on writing/editing/publishing for the last couple months. My only fear is, well failing of course, and I want to take courses online so I can got at my own pace and still be able to work full time (hey, I've got rent and bills to play). I'm also worried that I won't be able to concentrate or take it seriously enough or be able to actually sit down and make myself work on assignments (Ms. procrastination AND Ms. ADD here...)

Anyways, so I'm going to contact some places to inquire of any distance/online writing courses that they offer. I have to admit that I'm a little excited of the possibility of doing school work again (*COUGH* nerd *cough cough*), but a little nervous and scared at the same time.

Well, we'll see how this goes. I'll let you know if I ever sign up for official courses!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Well today is extremely uneventful in my land. A day off from work (hurrah!), however I have spent this day doing, well, nothing really. I feel like I'm wasting my day away (I hate that).
Though, what has kept me entertained is the Law & Order SVU marathon on the Mystery Channel (gotta love that channel). I hate when I have an unproductive day because then I look back on it in disgust and wish I would have done something. I'm doing laundry, so I guess that counts for something, right?
Don't get me wrong, I've been trying to force myself to write because I wanted to use this long weekend to get pages and pages out and I can't seem to concentrate enough to write anything! Argh, one of my pet peeves. It's not even writer's block, it's just the fact that I can't focus long enough to go and go. It's weird, I find myself able to write the most and concentrate the best at night. I think it has something to do with it being light out or something (vampire writer?).
Anyways, nothing really else to say, nothing exciting anyways. Hopefully I'll have something better to blog next time :D

Friday, September 4, 2009

X-Isle 1: 1st Synopsis ROUGH DRAFT

So I just jotted down a first possible synopsis for X-Isle part 1. Decided to post it up here, remember it's just a rough draft summary, but on the off chance people are reading this, I'd love to know what you think. Would YOU read it from this summary?

When seven college friends decide to embark upon an unforgettable spring vacation out at sea, they expect nothing but sunshine and good times. But what they don't expect is the disturbing presence of the older boat captain or the sudden flash storm that capsizes the boat and separates the group, stranding them on a desert island. When the malicious boat captain is found dead, the group spirals into a dramatic series of struggling to get rescued, drama, death, buried secrets and even some unexpected romance. Will they ever get rescued? Who will end up dead? One thing's for sure - nobody expected a spring break quite like this one.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Oy Vey...

You know when you're just sitting there, minding your own business then suddenly BAM!

No, I'm not talking about getting hit by a bus, I'm saying that something hits you out of no where and you struggle to grasp the situation at hand. Said situation today, it's September...

Where the hell did summer go? That's what I'd like to know. And apparently today I'm rhyming like Dr. Seuss, perhaps this is how I handle the news... Ok, I'll stop. I deal with the days all the time, I mean for half the day I'm doing statistics (I work in travel, long story), so I'm forever writing dates on things and yet just now it hits me as I look at my phone display (as I do 10 million times a day...) and see SEP 3. WOah! Dude! Bring back July! I felt like we only got a nibble then all of a sudden all the little minions are back to school? And what's with the +30 weather now? Where was this a month ago? *sigh* you can never win with Alberta.

In other words, I have to say that as I look back on MY summer, I don't feel like I did anything extraordinary enough. I mean my summer was OK, it wasn't anything spectacular by any means. But I always want to have something and be like 'Oh yeah... Summer '09 baby.' (Not like that, you perverts). I wish I had done something crazy to look back on for summer. I think that after you're out of school, the summer's aren't as important anymore. School defined summer, time off! Two whole months of freedom and the chance to get everything out of your system before you're back in the grinds of the daily routine. Yet, now, as an adult, summer is just another season to watch out your office window. I mean, the sun stays out later sure... But it's sad that you notice fall is coming when it's "Dark out when you wake up now".

Ok, I was speaking of amazing things. I still have a couple weeks. Fall doesn't officially start until Sept 21, so technically I still have time to do something UNBELIEVABLY SPECTACULAR before summer is over.

Will keep you updated.